Camphill Families & Friends in Scotland

New initiative gets support from Camphill Foundation.

Seed money helps to set up much-needed body of support

At its October meeting in Edinburgh, Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland agreed to give a small grant to enable the setting up of Camphill Families and Friends in Scotland.

The equivalent endeavour has been going strong in England & Wales for many years and all those involved in this new initiative for Camphill in Scotland are convinced that the time is right to develop greater communication, cohesion and active support for the Scottish communities and their community members.

Camphill Family and Friends Scotland will provide a forum for family and friends of residents of Camphill communities in Scotland enabling them to meet, exchange views and work together.

Through the forum it will provide a support network of Families and Friends to help members support individuals with special needs who wish to live in Camphill Scotland.

It will provide a response to national and local issues of relevance to residents of Camphill communities in Scotland.

For further details please contact Elaine Dowell   Tel: 01751 432369