Leaving a legacy

What to do next

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy to Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland by making a bequest in your will is a powerful and valuable way of supporting the work of Camphill. Substantial sums of money of this nature will enable the Foundation to give significant loans to bigger and more ambitious projects which, when repaid, can continue working indefinitely into the future for the benefit of people with disabilities.

Planning for the future

Planning for the future and thinking carefully about making a Will is an important consideration. It is important to leave clear instructions for the disposal of your assets to family members and other beneficiaries. If this is not done and you have no relatives, all your money will go to the government instead of those causes you would like to support.

If you already have a will and would like to support Camphill, your solicitor can help you to add a ‘codicil' - an easily arranged amendment to express this wish.

Our thanks

The trustees of the Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland are immensely grateful to those who do decide to leave a bequest to Camphill. Each year a list of donors will appear on the website and whilst we are equally grateful for all donations, large or small, those who have given a legacy to Camphill will be accorded particular recognition in that list.

Our pledge to you

The trustees of Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland pledge their assurance that your legacy will be effectively and imaginatively used to provide substantial benefits to vulnerable children, young people or adults with special needs. This is not  limited to care and support provision, but also goes towards fostering and promoting new ways in which the  considerable gifts and talents of people with disabilities can develop and find scope through creating new work opportunities and various kinds of cultural, educational, social and economic initiatives.

What to do next

For further details on leaving a legacy to Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland please contact:

Simon Beckett, Newton Dee, Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9DX

simon@newtondee.org.uk       Tel: 01224 868701

Or use the email contact form