How we give support

Who we support

The Camphill Foundation provides grants and loans to Camphill communities in the UK and Ireland for small and medium-sized capital projects, workplace developments, environmental projects, education, staff training, artistic and cultural programmes, raising public awareness, social research and publishing. We also assist some projects overseas. Any Camphill community or Camphill-related eneavour in the UK and Ireland can apply directly for financial assistance.

How we give support

Loans and grants from the Camphill Foundation are usually made to meet part of the costs of a project. They are often given in the form of 'seed funding', either to cover the initial running costs of a project or to provide the necessary backing to allow further successful fundraising to go ahead.

Enhancing quality of life

The Foundation has been supporting Camphill projects since its birth in 1984 as the Thomas Weihs Trust. It changed its name to Camphill Foundation in 1989. It is the policy of the Trustees to give priority to those projects which demonstrate a clear and direct benefit to enhancing the lives of vulnerable children, young people and adults supported by the communities.