Make your money work for Camphill

Support community projects from the start

Helping from the start

Every year the Camphill Foundation receives applications from Camphill communities throughout the UK and Ireland for help with funding for a wide range of projects. The most difficult stage in any new project usually occurs in the early stages, after the initial idea has been turned into a plan but before that plan is put into action. That's the point at which funding is required so the project can get off the ground.

'Seed' funding

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland often provides a portion of the start-up finance needed so that funds can then be obtained from other sources, or ensuring set-up costs are covered so that the project can develop further. Without our help - which of course means your help - it might never get off the ground.

Helping again and again

When you donate money to a charity, you like to know it is being well spent. Your donation, whether large or small, will support much more than a single project. Camphill Foundation frequently provides assistance in the form of loans, and when the money is repaid it becomes available to help with another project, then another, and so on. 

Supporting Camphill as a whole

The Foundation works with all the Camphill communities in the UK and Ireland, so is the ideal place for those who wish to leave something to Camphill in general rather than to a particular community or a particular group of beneficiaries.

We rely on you

Most communities rely on donations, fundraising and assistance from Trusts like the Camphill Foundation to finance capital and development projects. Each year we receive a steady stream of requests for help for a wide range of worthwhile and deserving endeavours. Please click here now to let your money work for Camphill.