Loch Arthur Becomes a new Charity


Since its inception Loch Arthur has been a part of the Camphill Village Trust, a UK charity with eleven communities in England and Scotland. From the 1st October 2012 the two Scottish communities; Loch Arthur in Dumfries and Newton Dee in Aberdeen, separated from the Camphill Village Trust and became independent charities. We are now "Loch Arthur Camphill Community". There has been no change in the people and the day-to-day life of the community continues as usual.

Differences in law and regulation in Scotland and England have been the catalyst for an innovative change to the structure of CVT. CVT is a national charity with nine current CVT communities in England and two in Scotland and has to balance the increasingly different political, legal and social care environments in England and Scotland.
The CVT Trustees have come to the view that it would be best to restructure the Trust to enable Loch Arthur and Newton Dee to separate and become independent charities in their own right, governed by boards of local trustees. This would enable each community to respond to their local conditions as Scottish charities while CVT would govern the remaining nine English Communities. This change will happen on the 30th September 2012.
All the co-workers and employed staff will transfer to the new charities, which will take on the responsibility for maintaining the Camphill ethos and continuing the quality of care and support provided to everyone who lives in these communities. This will enable the three different charities to meet regulatory requirements and achieve high quality, while minimizing duplication and more effectively targeting resources towards the needs and aspirations of the beneficiaries.
The two communities will retain a bond with the other nine English communities through their membership of the Association of Camphill Communities in Britain and Ireland.
This step offers the opportunity to the all three new charities for exciting developments as new entities, yet maintains the Camphill bond through membership of the Association of Camphill Communities in Britain and Ireland.

This is an exciting development for CVT and the newly formed Loch Arthur Camphill Community..

Loch Arthur Camphill Community is a Registered Charity. The Charity registration number in Scotland is SC043416. The registered office can be found at  Loch Arthur Camphill Community, Beeswing, Dumfries, DG2 8JQ.
Loch Arthur Community is still a member of Camphill Scotland, and of the Association of Camphill Communities.
Loch Arthur Community is registered with the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care in accordance with section 7 of the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act