Our Story

Loch Arthur Creamery and Farm Shop have grown out of the productive efforts of a diverse and vibrant Community. We are committed to creating meaningful work and making a positive contribution to the local economy.

Through the dedication of those who work here, we uphold the highest standards of Organic production in our Demeter Certified Farm and Creamery, our Bakery, and Craft Workshops.

Creating meaningful work is central to the ethos of all Camphill Communities.
Establishing a thriving variety of social enterprises at Loch Arthur has helped to give an increased sense of pride and purpose to those who work here. It has also helped to forge wonderful links to the wider community and create a much appreciated source of local food in these times of increased awareness about food production and provenance. We have a remarkably committed and loyal customer base who feel very connected to, and supportive of, the work we do here at Loch Arthur. If you are interested in adding your name to our customer base and receiving regular newsletters and updates, click here.