About Brexit:

We want to reassure anyone thinking of coming to volunteer at Loch Arthur from another European Member state that you still can come to Loch Arthur and indeed will be very welcome!

As it stands The United Kingdom is still part of the European Union for at least two more years (Until March 2019) and we are continually assured by our Local Members of Parliament that it is very likely that an agreement to allow volunteer workers to continue to come to the United Kingdom will be put in place after that.

We are also able to welcome volunteers from outside the European Union.

Joining the community as a volunteer can be a rich and rewarding experience!

Most people have found it worthwhile to spend a year in the community, although shorter stays are possible. There are also possibilities for those interested in making a longer-term commitment to this way of life.

Work activities in Loch Arthur include farming (crops, dairy, beef and sheep), gardening, estate work, creamery, bakery, weaving workshop, woodwork and housework.

We hope that co-workers joining us are willing and able to participate in any of these activities, depending on where the needs are in the Community at the time in question.
As our life in the Community is based on a real experience of living together we do not have formalised hours of duty, shift or organised time on and time off. We aim to create spaces for each other and cover each other to ensure we all get the time we need to relax and recuperate. Although life is full and demanding with work, house life and other social and cultural activities needing to be supported by each person who joins the Community, it can be very rewarding and fulfilling.

We attempt to live and work together in a way that recognises the dignity and uniqueness of each human being and does not distinguish between those who are called disabled and those who are not. We hope that by living together with our combined strengths and weaknesses, skills and abilities, we will create a human and caring environment for all who live here.

There are people in Loch Arthur who require help with personal care (bathing, dressing, eating, etc.), and volunteers joining us should be willing to be involved with such care.

No one living at Loch Arthur receives a salary, but you will be provided with board and lodging and your day-to-day expenses will be met.

Co-workers joining us for less than 12 months should come well equipped with clothing for their stay, taking into consideration the Scottish climate and the fact that we are a land-based Community.

We also expect that people joining us for one year or less are responsible for their travel expenses to and from the Community.

We allow for the fact that people joining us for a year would have a holiday at some time during their stay (usually towards the end), and we would make a financial contribution towards that holiday.

Those joining us for shorter stays would not be expected to take a holiday, but people often join shorter outings and trips from the Community, which are a regular feature of our life.

It would be important for us to know whether someone wishing to join us has a mental or physical disability or illness which might affect their ability to participate in some aspect of our life, or might need particular attention during their stay in the Community. It should be noted that the habitual use of drugs or alcohol is not compatible with life in a Camphill Community.

We feel sure that anyone joining us with an open and willing attitude to participate in the activities of the Community will find life in Loch Arthur both rich and rewarding.

If you are interested in volunteering at Loch Arthur, please send us a self-descriptive letter which should include your reasons why you want to join us, your former experiences, and your interests. This letter, which will help us to get to know you, can be sent by post, fax or email (addresses below). If we may have a place for you, we will send you further information and ask you to provide a few documents such as a criminal record check and two references. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out about volunteer vacancies, please contact:

Mrs Rike Witt
Stable Cottage
Loch Arthur Community


Tel: +44 - 1387 - 760 687

Fax: +44 - 1387 - 760 578