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Peter Bateson 2018-11-25 12:45:25

Breaking through to the future

We were interested to hear of the emerging 

impulse among Alliance members to work towards 

the creation of some form of Camphill-style 

community setting in which adults with extra 

support needs could feel at home and thrive and 

develop through cultural, social and economic 

opportunities, not least that of meaningful and 

fulfilling work in social enterprises, linking to and 

integrating with the wider community around. 

Where this might be and what form it might take 

are still questions which form the substance of an 

on-going research process where nothing is 

assumed and nothing is fixed. “How do we get 

from where we are to where we want to be?” is the 

overarching theme and at each stage of 

development the focus will be on HOW things 

need to be formed and worked through, not 

automatically relying on previous assumptions and 

stereotypes of what Camphill means, while at the 

same time turning always to the inner essentials of 

Camphill as the guide. The Foundation trustees 

hope to follow this process with interest, 

encouragement and support.

Contemplating these new beginnings, in which 

one senses something trying to ‘break through to 

the future’ out of the set mould of the past, is a 

reminder that Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland 

itself was born out of the need to break new 

ground and to move forward at a crucial turning 

point in Camphill’s biography. In early 1983. 

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