Camphill Foundation website launched

A new showcase and interactive forum.

Mosaic commissioned from Seahorses art studio by the local council in Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.

A new website

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland has been working together with Chameleon Interactive, known as I-Chameleon, to develop a new style of website appropriate to the aims and objectives of the Foundation.

The website is designed to fulfil many purposes:

  • to be the showcase for Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland and to make known the aims and activities of the charity both to the general public and within the Association of Camphill Communities.
  • to be an effective means of publicity to assist the Foundation's ongoing active fundraising campaign.
  • to show the rich variety of projects which have been supported by the Foundation over many years, with photos and video.
  • to show the new initiatives which are being supported by the Foundation right now and in the near future.
  • to enable people to donate directly to the Foundation through our online donations page.
  • to give clear guidelines to those who wish to leave a legacy to Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland.
  • to provide a service for Camphill communities that wish to construct their own microsites at very little cost.
  • to enable people to post blogs online
  • to help projects understand how they can apply for assistance from the Foundation.
  • to let people know who is responsible for the Foundation and their different roles within it.
  • to act as a useful conduit for news and information, potentially  from the whole Camphill Movement.

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