Karl Koenig Archive

A legacy from the past continues to inspire

Karl Koenig (1902-1966)

Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland has supported the development of the archive for all the work of Dr. Karl Koenig, founder of the Camphill Movement. He was a visionary and innovator whose insights and achievements can continue to enlighten and inspire present and future generations.

A priceless legacy

The legacy of written material left by Dr. Koenig is now readily available to researchers and for publication thanks to a digital archiving project made possible by a grant from Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland. Working with the National Archives for Scotland, Camphill has used the grant from the Foundation to record all the material on microfilm and in digital format. Specialist scanning equipment was used to ensure that the originals would not be harmed.

The archive

The archive is based at Camphill House in Aberdeen but offices have also been opened in Berlin and in Dornach, Switzerland, to oversee the development of German language research and publications. Since this landmark development took place, during the past four years the Karl Koenig Archive has entered into a new and productive phase of publication, with new editions appearing at frequent intervals.