Extra Care and Elder Care are a Growing Priority

Older people want to stay in their own homes

Older people with learning disabilities want to stay in their own homes as long as possible, just like everyone else.

With increasing support and care needs in old age, many people lose their independence and have to leave the home in which they been happy for many years. This can be a distressing experience, with a feeling of loss of identity and dignity, a loss of many of the small but treasured aspects of home and a sense of abandonment through losing the familiar community which was all around, with family, friends and neighbours close at hand.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

People with learning disabilities face exactly the same challenge in later life. People who have lived and worked in Camphill communities for many years in a safe and supportive social and cultural environment and have had a long and productive working life. In later years it is often so that they have very few, if any, close relatives left, and they rely on the support and stimulation of the community around them for their continued well-being.

When needs change

If they become too frail to cope in normal circumstances, either physically or with the onset of dementia, they require extra levels of care and support, even potentially nursing and end-of-life care. All too often this means that they have no choice but to leave the place they have called home for many years, even decades, to be looked after in a nursing home or hospital at the end of life.

Care in the community

Many communities try to give the necessary support as long as possible without disrupting settled accommodation or lifestyle, and some places have also developed houses where this extra care can be given. But it is not enough and places are limited.

Extra-care and the end of life

There is a great and growing need for the provision of extra care, including nursing and end-of-life care, which enables the person to stay within the community to which they belong, or at least somewhere very similar with the same shared experience of Camphill life, its cultural ethos and social capital.

Our aim

Camphill Foundation currently aims to support communities throughout the UK and Ireland to meet this growing need for elder care, and we ask for your help to support the development of urgently needed facilities over the next few years.

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