Pishwanton Life Science Project - East Lothian

Ecological renewal through the marriage of science and art

Pishwanton Wood, East Lothian, is a place of constant transformation, housing numerous microhabitats, or landscape ‘rooms'. The Life Science Trust, the custodian of this land since 1992, founded by Dr. Margaret Colquhoun, has been working within these microhabitats over the years, to develop a new understanding of the processes in landscape formation, particularly as it relates to human consciousness, through the marriage of Goethean science and art.

Pishwanton from BSL Video on Vimeo.

Day activities

People with disabilities can come to the Project for day activities in the peaceful and purposeful setting, learning to work holistically in the natural environment. Thousands of trees have been planted and gardens have been created in the heart of the place. Buildings look as if they have grown out of the landscape.

New building

In 2011 a new Goethean Science Building, for use as a teaching and conference centre, was completed with the assistance of a grant from Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland.