The Journeyman Project, Carrick-on-Suir

Promoting further education and vocational training for young adults

The Journeyman Programme is part of Carrick-on-Suir Camphill Community. Its aim is to help students with special needs adjust to the change from a school-based curriculum to a life skills training, with work experience, and to find the next step in their lives. The new Journeyman Centre, an ecologically designed building built with assistance from the Camphill Foundation UK & Ireland, provides workshops and training facilities for 20 students.

The Journeyman Project  (Carrick) from BSL Video on Vimeo.


The Journeyman Centre accommodates the following:

  • Two workshop areas for arts and crafts.
  • A training kitchen for gaining independent skills for life.
  • A communication resource room .
  • A social area with facilities for tea breaks and lunch with seating for 20.
  • A foyer with occasional seating for up to 20 people and an exhibition space for students' work.
  • Training in metal work, candle-making, mosaics, basket-weaving, pottery, feltmaking, gardening and training in communication skills,  literacy and IT.

The Journeyman Centre links to other training areas on site:

  • The existing building which includes a communication room and kitchen facilities.
  • A new garden shed designed for the new community garden.
  • The Journeyman horticultural polytunnel. 
  • Craft, metal and wood workshops which are located nearby on the Camphill farm.
  • A rented facility for students on a three-year transition programme, ten minutes walk away.