Camphill Milton Keynes 2, Buckinghamshire, England

The public face of the community

The background fabric was dyed in the workshop and woven by most of those involved in the project. The panel depicts various features of our surroundings and elements that bind us together with the life of the wider community, many of them created by individuals:

A knitted canal; roads of braids made on an inkle loom; woven, embroidered and basketry roundabouts; pathways and a canal bridge. There are also a Victoria sponge symbolising one companion's involvement in evening classes and an Oxfam symbol relating to another person's volunteering in an Oxfam shop. 

Individuals created the apples and button cabbages representing gardening and food processing, and images of weaving, Tools for Self Reliance, the paddock, the tractor, a baguette and pretzel (bakery), chocolate cake and a cup of tea, as served in our cafe.