Copake, New York State, USA

This piece was originally woven as a baby blanket. It shows many of the diverse aspects of the weaving workshop in our community.

  The setup is a kind of twill weave with thin wool yarn which was donated to the weaving shop sometime in the last 20 years.   We have had many donations over the years and our challenge (which we have taken up especially in the last 7 years) is to design projects with the materials at hand in contrast to designing and then looking for materials.   The weft is hand spun, hand dyed wool from our mixed flock of Camphill Village sheep. The dyes are Jacquard dyes, basically acid (vinegar) dyes.   The fleece was handpicked, hand washed and carded with a drum carder. Many hands worked together to create this one piece.   Attached to the weaving and incorporated into the design is a small leaf-shaped piece of our peat fabric. The warp is Foxfibre color grown in the United States, organic cotton. The weft is 50% peat and 50% bio-dynamically grown cotton.