Grangemockler, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

This panel shows the physical landscape of our community which in turn shows the type of social environment we share.  Our houses are depicted in various colours of knitted fabric completed by members of our weaving workshop.


We embroidered details of each building on to the knitted fabric. Some of our workshops are also depicted, the farm, vegetable garden and the weaving workshop. We have a large variety of animals and poultry which are of valuable therapeutic effect to all who live and work in our community.   The workshops provide meaningful work for our residents and day attendees. Work on the farm and in the garden changes seasonally. In our panel there is an axis roadway which shows how all of our houses and workshops are interconnected. This represents how our community is interwoven in all aspects of life in Camphill, spiritual, cultural, social and economic - an inclusive community which is a joy to live and work in.   Our community is situated in the foothills of Slievenamon (Mountain of Women). This mountain casts an earthy shadow on our community and its earthiness is evident in our panel by the colours and textures used. Our panel is made up of different crafts: knitting, felting, weaving and embroidery. These and many other art forms are representative of our community here in Grangemockler.