Beaver Run, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, USA

Large size approx. 100 cm x 130cm

When we received news of the International Camphill weaving project in autumn of 2013 Camphill School Beaver Run was in the midst of celebrating it's 50th Birthday.  We decided to embark on a felting project with the Ninth grade High School class that would be part of this celebration.  The students were asked to think of things in Beaver Run that were important to them. They chose five things to depict; the large school bell which was inherited from the former owners of the Beaver Run property and has rung every morning to announce the start of school, A large old Oak tree which stood in the woods for many years, The bridge by the office where children sit and enjoy the ducks and geese, The Beaver Run creek and the autumn trees, and the Barn with our beloved horses.  We began this project by laying out our base of wool with the picture in colored wool on top.  We then learned the process of wet felting - rubbing gently with soap and hot water and then rolling the pieces in bamboo blinds.  It took patience and lots of muscles but finally the panels were felted.  After school let out for summer vacation we needed to pick up the project again and finish it. The project was completed by students in the Weaving Workshop who needle felted three dimensional animals, leaves, and flowers on to the panels to build up the designs.  The students are very proud to be contributing to an international project that highlights both their own school and other Camphill centers.