Camphill Milton Keynes 1, Buckinghamshire, England

The Spiral - representing life within the community

The background fabric was dyed by Emi and woven by many people. The needle-felted spiral was made by a number of people and represents life, festivals, change and development.                 The bead highlights from Barbara - "it is good to have beautiful things".         A circle of friends - Liam - "I have made many new friends here"         Double spiral - Stuart G - "doing eurythmy together"         Angel - Shirley M - "producing Christmas plays together"         Plate of food - Claire D - "cooking and eating together"         Doll - for Helen - "I can make things for children and my family"         Book - Julian - "to go on learning"         Badge - Joan - "happiness is singing"         Sun cross - Judy - "belonging and learning about Christianity"         Heart - Alison F - "I have made friends and learned so much"         Picture - Nicky - "a place to make my models"         Candle - Joe - "sharing special occasions together"         Great star - Clare B - "Community Assemblies where we all meet and         learn and share".    

The Memorial Garden (on the lower border):          

Grass - Peter J. who cares for the house gardens         Hand-spun plait border - for Karen - "the joy of dancing"         Plant - Eleanor - "flowers help us to feel happy"         Cat - Steven M - "it is good to care for things"         Flowers - Lidia the gardener.         

To remember (friends who are no longer with us):         Morwenna - the sunflower         Rowena - rose buttons         David - the dwarf         Anthony - rowan berries         Barry - macramé knot         Rachel - blue stars         Garth - walnut.