Greenacres, Dublin, Ireland

The Greenacres panel was designed and informed by a process of workshops and consultations with our crafts people. Many of the elements of our panel are based on drawings made by our crafts people during the workshop process. Themes that arose were ‘Circle of Greenacres friends' and ‘My walk to Greenacres'.  Other themes which were explored were transport, our built environment, the three houses in the Greenacres community, and relationships.

The finished panel represents Dublin city, the coast line, its buildings and our community's place within our environment. The colours used are representative of our built environment and the landscape of Dublin (greys and greens) our proximity to the sea (blues) and our coast line. We used traditional hand weaving as our base and used knitted appliqué, crochet, dry felting, cross stitch and ceramic pieces to complete our mixed media panel. The use of many different craft techniques is also a representation of the diversity in the Greenacres community and how we have embraced each person's differences and also what binds us together.