Kimberton Hills, Pennsylvania, USA

Recycled materials create an image of beauty and tranquillity

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills (CVKH) is in a semi-rural setting to the north-west of Philadelphia, on 432 acres of arable farmland and wooded hillsides, surrounded on two sides by French Creek. It is close to Valley Forge, a well-known local landmark, and national historical park.

Bill Lewis, the weaver of the background cloth is well known for the quality of his signature up-cycled Cotton-Denim-Jeans-Rugs. Old jeans are donated by local friends and taken apart by Bill with help from colleagues Don Garrett, Sebastian French-Corbett and Charlene Roth, a few of the skilled weavers in the weavery.   

The weave pattern is part of Ginny's coat, taken from Marguerite Davison's book "A Handweaver's Pattern Book".  Bill said he liked the ‘birds' in it, so we took that section and extended it to make the ‘staggered twill' that now forms the basis for the extremely strong and durable weave structure of these much-loved rugs.

Bill works half the day caring for the woodlands with the ‘estate team' and afternoons in the weavery.     We felt it would give a good depiction of the ethos of CVKH to use Bill's rug for the background of the picture which is an image of the view of the sunset across the hills, with two friends walking with a milk can in hand coming from the dairy, going towards the Sankanac "Community Supported Agriculture" (CSA) garden.  

The wool is felted on silk gauze, a communal work, with input from Mary Fisher, Isabela Seabra, Saskia Gilfoy, Sue Wiecheld, Johannah Newman, Andrew Abromowitz, Marchen Ohi, Lynn Schatzburg and Felicity Jeans.  

Kimberton Hills is host to a variety of international volunteers who come as service volunteers for a year or more and interns who volunteer for up to 3 months and join community residents in expanded home environments for an invaluable living experience that stays with each person for a lifetime.  

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