Kyle, Coolagh, Co. Kilkenny. Ireland

Landscape format: 60 cm deep and 80 cm wide.

We have only a small number in our weaving class which is why we decided to combine weaving and felting so that everyone could get involved in creating the piece. As we were already in the process of having a new map of the layout of our community drawn up we thought that this might be a good starting point for our project.

  The backing for our felt piece is a very colourful woven rug which we think represents the different personalities of all the people in our community. This is woven from a recycled product. It is the off-cut from the edges of rugs made in a commercial weaving which is actually a waste product but can be made into lovely rugs.   Our felt piece is made from four layers of Merino tops, three white and one green. We tried two methods, one just with the green background and another trying to put the houses in, but we thought they moved and became distorted and we lost the effect we were looking for so it was a good job we made a plain green one on which to needle-felt later.   We had a one day workshop when as many of the people in our community as possible could come and take part. We had a fun day, with lots of discussion about the project and took lots of photos.   This has been a great community project!