Mountshannon, Co. Clare, Ireland

When we got an invitation to make a contribution to the World Wide Weave exhibition Neil and I thought it was a lovely idea. We looked out of the window and saw the old shed and the sleeping flowerbeds, the greenish-brownish fields, hedges and meadows, the big bare winter oak tree and the smaller ash tree towards glorious Lough Derg. We could see Holy Island in the lough, with its round tower peeping out of the early morning mist, and behind it the hills of Tipperary and above it the ever changing sky.

  Then we looked around our beautiful weaving workshop, we opened all the cupboards and there were all the colours which we had seen outside. We took Irish wool and Scottish wool and English wool and County Clare fleece and old T-shirts and bits of Avoca off-cuts and Dingle fleece and at last even an old sock, because it had just the colour which was missing - a pale lilac. Then we brought it all together and Neil wove it into a celebration of the beauty of the spot where we live and the unique way in which we work and live.     Renate & Neil