Newton Dee, Aberdeen, Scotland

A largescale felting of Deeside and the Highlands, approx. 80cm x 125cm

We chose to use plant dyed fleece for our felting piece. Most of the fleece is Merino wool on a cotton muslin backing. As the Merino felts very easily, we have managed to incorporate some fleece from Newton Dee's sheep which does not easily lend itself to felting. The plant dyes used were indigo, madder root, Brazil wood, Persian berries, woad, willow, walnut husks, sanders wood, French Marigolds, blackberries, French sorrel, tansy and onion skin.  

Some of the dyestuff was collected in Newton Dee or in the surrounding countryside. The colours of the dyes will fade over time if exposed to the light. We used these materials to felt a picture that shows the beauty of the landscape that surrounds our community. It shows the River Dee and the awe-inspiring landscape it flows through, including the mountains and the plant life.   We thoroughly enjoyed producing this piece together and it was interesting and surprising to see what ideas individuals have contributed to this project.