The Hatch, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, England

The Hatch Camphill Community weavery went through a long and creative process to develop and make the panel for the World Wide Weave. Our collaborative creative process saw community members going through the process of brainstorming which aspects of the community and the environment around us they wanted to represent on the panel. It was recognized that the aspects of our physical environment and our social integration are what make our place a special and true community. What we wanted to represent was that the environment both in the community and in our surroundings  forms an important part of our consciousness

We chose to put the social, cultural and spiritual space of Whitsun Hall in the centre. This is where the whole community gathers for celebrating the festivals, evening prayers, social activities, and general celebrations. Within Whitsun Hall the individuals meet and celebrate community. Our houses with their supporting and nurturing home aspect are represented around this hub.  They in turn are encompassed by a warm embracing circle.   Surrounding our community are representations of the distinctive landmarks that are around us. We have included the Severn Bridge and the distant rolling hills of Wales. We have also included a representation of the forests and land, the nature around us. Thornbury Castle is not only very close to our community but is an important part of Thornbury and its history.   We really enjoyed the process of sharing ideas, and working on something that represents what we feel is a special place. We were excited by being part of a process with so many others far and wide  to celebrate our heritage and ethos.